Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tiger Woods may resent wife in future


Tiger Woods announced today that he was putting away his golf club indefinitely as he tries to save his marriage, to try to become a better husband, father and person. This is very commendable. Family should come first. Woods has afterall achieved the highest goals in golf and has made himself a vast fortune. He really has nothing more to prove and could easily retire for good right now.

But it has also emerged that it was his wife Elin, who gave him the ultimatum: 'Golf or me.' It appears that Woods has chosen her over golf, at least for now. Hopefully, and for Elin's sake, the break Woods has taken should be a very short one. Tiger knows nothing else other than golf. It has been his life since his toddler days, and if Elin draws it out and Tiger sits at home, the guilty man fiddling his thumbs, doing nothing but look at her face, he might soon become quite resentful.

It ought to be sufficient for Tiger Woods, after apologising to his wife, to have taken a short break, and then quickly return to what he knows best.

There is absolutely no doubt that he has learnt his lesson, his reputation is in tatters, and so far, with some sponsors not standing by him, limiting or reducing what they do with him, it has also been financially expensive for him, though not as expensive as a divorce would have been. Tiger has also dishonoured himself in the eyes of his children by being unfaithful to their mother. Although they are too young to understand it right now, this is something, given the very public nature of his admission of transgression and the global reprimand, that his children will grow up to know, and he simply cannot explain that to them. The pain that will be in their eyes when they confront him will be far worse than anything anyone else can say to him. It will be far greater than any financial losses.

Tiger Woods is not going to rebuild his reputation by staying at home like a grounded schoolboy, and he certainly would regain the trust of his wife by sitting by her side all day long singing 'I love only you, Elin'. Like the saying goes, if you love something, set it free.

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