Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Results of the Swale Life Poetry Competition (November 2011)

We are pleased to announce the results of the Swale Life Poetry Competition (November 2011) as judged by Geoff Stevens.

There are 7 commended in no particular order:

K. Woodrow – ‘Graffiti Artist, 37, seeks symbol with gsoh

Adrian Bushen – Schubertiad

Michael Newman – Sunrise at Wainlode

Michael Newman – In the Key of Regret

Michael Newman – News from Wales

C.J. Korta – A Dorset Couple

Garden Pests – Flick Spear

The Highly Commended Poems which win prizes of £10 each are:

Roger Elkin – Sun Street, Shelton

Troy Elliot – Hurricane Rita

The winner of the Third Prize of £30.00 is Bruce Harris - Commuter Computer

The Second Prize of £50.00 goes to Christian Ward – Scafell

And the First Prize of £100.00 goes to Noelle Janaczewska – Once upon a Tiger

These 12 poems, together with the winners and commended poems from the previous 3 Swale Life International Poetry Competitions held in 2011 will be included in the anthology to be published in December.

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